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Título internacional Fîmeiru
Nacionalidad Japón
Año 2005
Duración 118
Dirección Ryuichi Hiroki, Suzuki Matsuo, Miwa Nishikawa, Tetsuo Shinohara Shinya Tsukamoto
Guión Kaoruko Himeno, Mariko Koike, Yuzuki Muroi, Asa Nonami, Kei Yuikawa
Compañía distribuidora Micott & Basara Inc.
7F, 1-1-10, Ebisu Minami
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022
T. 813-5773-5811
F. 813-3713-4477
Sinopsis Part of the series JAF FILMS, on the subject of female eroticism.
-Tamamushi: While a woman is having sex with a friend of her husband's , the TV shows a documentary on a famous altar made up of over four thousand of beetles.
-Momo: A young girl goes back to her hometown to attend the funeral of one of her teachers, with whom she had a steamy affair when she was fourteen.
-Taiyo No Miero Basho Made: A waitress closes her bar and takes a taxi. Then a man gets in and tries to rob her. They strike up a strange relationship which will also include the woman who is driving the car.
- Yoru No Shitasaki: The worker of a factory dreams about one of her workmates and the exquisite erotic pleasures she would like to experience with him.
- Megami No Kakato: A high school student goes to a classmate's house everyday to help her with her homework. There is somebody in that house he finds irresistible, and it is not the girl, it is her mother.